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Toning at the Chakras

Tone 3 times, at least,  at each chakra – Ascending and Descending. Always come down (descend) Do not be in a hurry to finish up and leave the enery on the acsended path. Always tone down to the Root Chakra.When you tone put your awareness on any area of the body that is in pain or trauma from any injury. If there are any emotional heaviness then focus on your heart area. As you tone each of the tones at the Chakras, take your awareness to that area of the body. Visualize the toning sound coming from your voice, as if the sound is entering that specific area. If you mind wanders, gently bring it back, as we would an erring child. Do not be so distracted by the wandering mind that it aggravates you. It is the nature of the mind to wander. Just watch its digression from toning and the task at hand, then gently let the distraction float away. And you come back to your in breath and the tone on exhalation. Just as simple as that. Nothing is to be forced. Learning to JUST BE, in it self, is a great boost for inward journeys.​​​